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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Culinary Management Institute

No matter how good your grades are, making the final selection for the best culinary management institute in India that suits your needs can be difficult. We’ve got a few important questions you must ask before zeroing in on your choice.

Is the institute located in a culinary destination?

This may not seem incredibly important, but being located in a culinary destination does have its advantages. You will find more options for internships, externships and even after-school work if that is permitted. A culinary destination will also offer excellent exposure to a variety of cooking styles, cuisines and food ventures. Goa, for example, is a great culinary destination for students and entrepreneurs to learn in.

What accreditation does it have?

Accreditation does not always mean a culinary management institute is good. Other factors discussed in this post will be more important. But having a certificate recognised by leaders in the industry and government bodies can help in terms of employment. KCCA has partnered with Goa University and the Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council for its culinary management course.

How different is the curriculum?

The best hospitality management institutes in India ensure their students are up to date with the trends in the culinary world. Look for programmes that constantly evolve and offer space for creativity. At KCCA, our curriculum combines the best of foundational technical knowledge with the latest culinary skills and smart business thinking to give students the best chance of success.

What facilities does it have?

Good hotel management institutes have more than a functional commercial kitchen. Consider institutes that offer additional reading material, an on-site restaurant and space for relaxation. KCCA boasts a 4000 square metre campus with a state-of-the-art kitchen and classrooms, student accommodation with 24×7 WiFi, a vegetable and herb garden, a café, a swimming pool, a library, and an incubation centre. 

What courses does it offer?

Understanding the programmes on offer will help you narrow down a good hotel management institute that best suits your aspirations. At KCCA, we offer a three-year culinary management programme (B.Voc) as well as shorter Integrated Cruise Culinary Programmes that are just as rigorous. Within a year, you can be fully prepared to join leading companies as a cruise ship chef. We also offer a quick Cruise Kitchen Assistant Programme for galley stewarding.

How proficient is the faculty?

In the world of culinary education, good mentors make a big difference. Faculty must be exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise so you can gain as much knowledge as possible during your time in class. At KCCA, our faculty shares many decades of experience between them working and managing leading hotels and cruises across the world. They offer a wealth of knowledge in terms of skills as well as soft skills that are indispensable in the industry.

What kind of industry experience does it offer?

To be truly prepared to enter the culinary world, you will need far more than simple classroom training. All KCCA courses include compulsory industry training for real-world experience. Our B Voc course in culinary management includes the whole gamut of training from internships and in-house chef competitions to study tours, guest chef demonstrations, international exchange programmes, placements and even an incubation centre.
If you’re looking to be a culinary rock star, here’s what you’ll need.

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