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Entrepreneurial ThinkTank

incubator at kamaxi institute of hotel management

Startup Incubator

At KCCA, our goal is to help you become successful in culinary entrepreneurship. Through the Startup Incubator, we encourage students to bounce ideas off mentors, discuss innovations in the field, and discover ways to branch out on their own. We offer excellent mentorship, knowledge and information, as well as global networking support so you can forge your own way in the industry with the help of professionals and experts.


With Mindscape, we afford you the pleasure of indulging in your passions alongside your education in culinary entrepreneurship. Setting ourselves apart from other hospitality management colleges in India, we connect students with a passion in creative fields including writing, photography, art and more with professionals so they can turn their talent into a career. Food bloggers, restaurant critics, food photographers, influencers, food-related app coders and other experts are on hand to offer their knowledge, tips and tricks.

incubator at kamaxi institute of hotel management
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