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Life On Campus

At KCCA, life as a student is both exciting and challenging. We test your abilities as the real world does, motivating you to perform well under pressure. Unlike regular hotel management colleges in India, our faculty, mentors and alumni form the backbone of a tight-knit network of support and inspiration, as our curriculum pushes your limits and our facilities offer you the ideal space to do so.

Campus Culture

We promote a culture of respect, equality, understanding and support during your time at KCCA. Integrity, sincerity and diligence are asked of all our students to enable us to equip you with the tools that will help you succeed as a culinary entrepreneur.
There is no place for discrimination of any kind at KCCA, and while we support a vibrant and fun environment, we expect high standards of behavior from everyone on campus.
Our team takes great care to plan exciting events that help you destress while ensuring all facilities and amenities are maintained well.

Experience & Exposure

We have long-standing connections with leading hotels across Goa and India, cruise companies around the world and hospitality associations. Our faculty boasts a collective experience that runs into decades in culinary arts, entrepreneurship and business management. Through our events, regular internships and projects, we ensure each student has gained real-time experience in hospitality and business management and exposure to the challenges, trends and networks required for success in the industry.

Life Skills

Unlike other hospitality management colleges in India, we encourage every student that walks through our portals to develop essential life skills that are useful throughout life. Through our courses, programmes and events we help you learn self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, effective communication, coping with stress and coping with emotion.

Freedom with responsibilities

We are the best culinary school to enjoy the freedom to explore your creativity and test your boundaries. KCCA understands that you are mature individuals with differing personalities and avoids policing students. However, we expect that the responsibilities to the institute that come with this freedom are duly upheld.


Our aim is to make student life enjoyable and memorable. Students have unrestricted access to all common areas across our 4000 square metre campus, including a dedicated recreation centre and library to spend free time in. The large swimming pool offers a space for exercise and relaxation. The live kitchen has an attached café with a focus on French culinary classics and new trends.


Keeping up with the high standards of hospitality education we offer, our accomodation are clean, comfortable and spacious. The complex consists of single- and double-occupancy rooms boasting excellent natural light, en-suite or common bathrooms, 24×7 WiFi connectivity, security, solar panels for hot water, housekeeping services and more.

Vegetable patch & herb garden

This may not be the focus of other hotel management colleges in India, but KCCA believes its students must constantly be in touch with the basics. Through our vegetable patch and herb garden, students learn the importance of caring for the environment, understand the power of quality produce and how it is grown, respect the agricultural community and master the art of turning simple, wholesome ingredients into culinary gems.

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