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Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa

Let’s Fire It Up!

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

At FIERCE Kitchens, we help you build that plan on foundations laid by experts in the industry. Be prepared to have that plan broken down, dissected, re-arranged and restructured to ensure you have perfected the recipe for success before you even take that first step. Our job at FIERCE Kitchens is to set you up for the culinary goal you’re aiming at.

Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts (KCCA) and the Atal Incubation Centre at Goa Institute of Management (AIC GIM) bring industry leaders and startups on the same platform to feed off each other’s experience, talents, innovation and creativity.

With FIERCE Kitchens, we offer one of the first culinary incubators in India boasting world-class infrastructure and easy access to domain experts and investors so that no matter what culinary venture you have your sights set on, you have your very own team of experts to bank on. So let’s fire it up!

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What Do We Offer?

Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa infra-sturuture

World-class infrastructure

Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa at KCCA

Expert mentors

Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa funding

Funding opportunities

Why Choose FIERCE Kitchens?

FIERCE Kitchens combines the acclaimed expertise offered by Goa Institute of Management and the cutting-edge infrastructure of KCCA. Our campus at Verna spread across 4000 square metres boasts spacious, high-tech classrooms and state-of-the-art kitchen spaces for research and development.

Through AIC GIM, we collaborate with experts in all hospitality and culinary-related fields, offering potential startups and entrepreneurs four rigorous months of mentorship, guidance, planning and inputs. Together, we will understand, evaluate, critique and fine-tune your idea to ensure it has the best chance of success.

On completion of the programme, our foodpreneurs will have access to the Kamaxi cloud kitchen in Margao for any production needs. Through our close-knit network within the industry, we organise quality pitch meetings, interactions and funding rounds with potential investors to boost your culinary dreams.

Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa

Who Do We Help?

Anyone with a burning desire and a creative idea for a culinary business is welcome to take advantage of the KCCA-GIM incubation centre. Whether you’re a chef looking to open a new restaurant, a home baker hoping to up your game, an eatery looking to gain an edge over the competition, or even a food photographer or blogger preparing to make it big, we’ll help you turn your dream into a workable plan.

All we need from you is a strong belief in your idea, an undying passion for the industry and the drive to keep returning to the drawing board to perfect that plan. We have 10 spots for each programme, so don’t miss out on this unique and incredible opportunity.


Atal Incubation Centre – Goa Institute of Management (AIC GIM) has been set up by Atal Innovations Mission (AIM) by NITI Aayog. Our mission is to aid startups, stimulate their growth and facilitate their success through a holistic support system for entrepreneurs by providing them opportunities to access mentors who are experts in their field of business, investment support, access to industries and networking with growing startup ecosystems.

Fierce Kitchens Incubator Goa

Why Participate In An Incubator?

  • Excellent mentorship from industry experts
  • Comprehensive business training programme
  • Unlock emerging and latent market demand
  • Physical space for early projects
  • Potential to match with investors
  • Learn how to scale up effectively
  • Access to later venture funding
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Prototyping and product development
  • Soft skills in presentation, negotiation and people management
  • Assistance in business management, technology and legal services
  • Develop relationships with suppliers and industry experts
  • Support for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • High-quality network resources 
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