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Be a Culinary Business Leader with KCCA

We are not just a culinary academy. We are an incubator for the culinary leaders of tomorrow. Are you ready to take the reins?

Our aim at Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts is not to be among the top hotel management colleges in India. After all, culinary entrepreneurship is more than creating fantastic food. At our institute, we take your skills in the kitchen to new heights, boosting them with the nuances of smart management, diplomatic people skills and innovative business thinking.

Our courses take you beyond the rudimentary education offered at regular hotel management colleges in India and kindle the creative culinary spark in you into a raging entrepreneurial fire. The question is: how deeply do you want it?

Admission for hotel management courses in india
The BVOC - Culinary Management Program

Designed for aspirants in culinary entrepreneurship and management, featuring in-depth industry knowledge and skill sets, business education and advanced food production

Integrated Cruise Culinary Programme

Designed for aspirants in the luxury cruise culinary industry, featuring extensive practical training in food production, industry knowledge and soft skills

Life at KCCA
college of culinary arts Strong Global Industry Connect
Strong Global Industry Connect
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World-class Campus in Goa
Dynamic Curriculum focused on Real World Skills culinary arts
Dynamic Curriculum focused
on Real World Skills
Note-worthy Faculty at culinary colleges in india
Note-worthy Faculty
Professional Networking Support at college of culinary arts
Professional Networking Support
Exciting Student Life in culinary institute in india
Exciting Student Life
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