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5 Great Jobs You Can Get With An Education In Culinary Management

5 great jobs you can start with an education with culinary management

There’s more to a career in the culinary sector than donning a toque blanche in someone else’s restaurant. With a degree from a quality hotel management college in India, you can take your career to the next level. We’ve picked five positions that take full advantage of a degree in culinary management from an excellent institute such as Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts.

Culinary manager

As a culinary manager, you will be in charge of daily operations at restaurants or other establishments that serve food and beverages. This could be in a hotel, overseeing a chain of restaurants or a standalone eatery. The main aim is to make sure the experience is pleasurable and memorable for patrons. Your responsibilities will include scheduling and monitoring of food preparation, staff management, ordering inventory and adherence to prevailing regulations. The job also demands excellent skills in personnel management, multitasking and leadership abilities.

Restaurant consultant

Usually a restaurant consultant works freelance, but you can get a job in a large hospitality company or consulting firm. Your main aim will be to smooth over operations of a restaurant that is facing issues with various parts of its business. There is business management, training of staff, ideation and creativity involved. Restaurant consultants need to thoroughly understand how a particular restaurant is run – from the quality and presentation of its food and beverage to the behaviour of hosts and wait staff, the operation of the kitchen, and the flow of clients. You could even be involved in consultations before the restaurant launches.

Wine director

Globally, the wine market is expected to show a compound annual growth rate of 4.28 per cent between 2021 and 2026, according to Mordor Intelligence. India has registered a growth rate of seven per cent, and is currently considered the fastest-growing country in terms of wine consumption. So the prospects are bright for a wine director. While a sommelier selects wine options for a restaurant, wine directors do so for an entire chain or hotel group. You will be expected to constantly update yourself on new wines, meet representatives of wineries and vineyards, and keep an eye on the inventory. Wine directors also oversee sommeliers and help them with information. You will also need to taste new wines and curate new menus for the season.

Food writer & stylist

Sometimes, working with food can have an entirely different meaning. With social media becoming a mainstay in marketing restaurants and other eating establishments, food writing and styling is becoming even more important. As a food stylist, your job will be to ensure proper presentation of a dish or ingredients using its colour, texture, shape and food compatibility. You will be preparing food for close-up images or videos, and will need to have an artistic eye for using accessories and settings. As a food writer, you will develop recipes, write cookbooks, explore cultures and review eateries. You can start a food blog and be a critic as well.


Successfully graduating from a good hospitality management college in India does not mean you have to work for someone else. You can set up your own food-related business and harness all the skills you have learnt. Open your own restaurant, set up a cloud kitchen or even run a food cart or truck, where you oversee and manage everything. The options are endless and depend solely on your creativity, drive and resilience.

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